A downloadable template

Templates for an alternative pocketmod design featuring:

  • No cutting required (though cutting between pages 2+3 opens things up!)
  • A long interior spread (half the length of A4 / Letter)
  • A usable full-page interior on the reverse (if printed double-sided)

The AFPUB file uses the IM FELL DW Pica Google font, though of course you can should do your own thing!


The children's booklet that inspired this format:

The Pocketfold in action (a TTRPG character sheet mockup):

Pocketfolds in the Wild!

You can find a collection of Pocketfolds here! Drop a comment if you have one that you'd like to add.


PocketfoldTemplate-A4.png 112 kB
PocketfoldTemplate-Letter.png 111 kB
PocketMod-A4_Template_v2.afpub 22 kB
PocketMod-Letter_Template_v2.afpub 24 kB

Development log


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Pocket mod in the wild for DURF JAM https://manarampmatt.itch.io/durf-pocket-mod-character-journal

Awesome - looks great! Now added to the collection.


Great job on this!

Thanks! Just seen The Long Moonlight and it looks great!


Awesome and simple! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, and you’re very welcome! Love how you’ve implemented it with the Forbidden Lands of the Ancient Temple!


You just reignited my love for pocketbook game design. My 40+ page zine in progress is getting butchered down AND I LOVE IT

Awesome! Posted your WIP pics from Twitter here so people can see it in action. Happy it’s a good fit!


This would be very useful for physical playbooks and is quite unique in that way. 10/10 would fold again.



The RPG layout is quite useful with the foldover allows the rules and that part of the character sheet to be visible at the same time. This is great.

Thank you!

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You’re very welcome! Happy to see people are getting as excited about it as I am! Looking forward to seeing what people come up with.


This is very cool, thank you for sharing the find!

You’re very welcome! Please come back and link to anything you happen to make with it - I’d love to see it put into practice!